Web3 as a Tool for Ambitious Charitable Giving

tl;dr: Kindred Hearts is an NFT minting now that will donate half of each mint to the American Heart Association until January 31. Mint here.

Hey! Hi! Also! Hello! I’m back with a sort of followup to my recent post, Web 3 as a Tool for Ambitious Artist Funding, now talking about other ways to use web3 technology to support the ambitions of others through charitable giving. Upon the release of Black Dave Token, I began down the path of possibility when it came to funding with audacity and ambition. I’ve been learning a lot through that, but this post isn’t about Black Dave Token, but about exploring possibility.

One of the main reasons I’ve been so excited about web3 and NFTs has been because the possibilities feel infinite within this structure. Maybe it feels infinite because there’s so much unexplored territory, but whatever the reason, that’s what excites me. Looking at how a platform like The Giving Block or DoinGud have created vehicles for charitable giving provides a new destination along this pathway of possibility. Charitable organizations having crypto wallets allows us, the participants in the web3 ecosystem, to give directly to them on our terms. It’s been fun to see organizations meet us where we are as opposed to having to chase their methods as w’eve always had to.

The Then

I joined the team for a project called Kindred Hearts in 2022 and the point of the project was to help kick off a larger brand called Favrit, that would be focused on creating web3 & NFT projects that gave to different causes around the world. Kindred Hearts, as an NFT collectible was interesting enough in the sense that we viewed it as an art card as opposed to a PFP, but what was truly dope about it was donating 20% of what the project made to 3 different organizations (Meeting Street Schools, The Gbowee Peace Foundation, Save the Children). KH has donated over $40,000 directly to organizations with crypto through web3 and NFTs. Not bad for a small, low profile crew who didn’t mint out their project in the bear market.

There’s something interesting about this specific bear period where the building is prolonged, and we’re supposed to just build and build and build until it’s time to poke our heads out when the market turns. There are a lot of projects who launched right at the onset of the bear market (while taking the full brunt of the effects of it), Kindred Hearts, for instance, who have already started and are trying to find interesting things to do in this time period. Instead of waiting on the market to turn around, Kindred Hearts decided to make a move by chasing down (they weren’t running but you know how the internet is) the American Heart Association and finding a way to work with and create a pathway to donating to them with/through crypto…and that’s how we landed where we are today.

The Now

Kindred Hearts, in the first iteration, didn’t mint out. Kindred Hearts has already donated to the tune of $40,000. Kindred Hearts didn’t give up & hunted for more and new partners. Kindred Hearts in its current form is on the tail end of a 2-week long campaign that gives 50% (HALF!) of the NFTs minted to the American Heart association. The campaign started on January 17 and is running until January 31. They’ve been showing up and interacting with us on twitter, so you know it’s real.

In Conclusion

This sounds like an ad but this is just something I’m working on, and when I work on things that might inspire how you do things…I like to share. I try to chase unique and interesting ideas in web3, or at least new ways to think about it. Would love to see you guys mint the NFT (as many as you’d like) before this wraps up, but I’m also so happy to be able to present my thoughts to people who give a fuck.

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